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Fleet carbon reduction guidance information pack


Phew! Just finished this information pack for CENEX – the UK’s national centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. It was a race against the clock to ensure that printed copies were available on time for conference delegates. It was close, but we made it. After the event Chris Walsh, Head of Technical Support and Consultancy, commented: ‘Wingfinger did some great work producing our Fleet carbon reduction  » Read more…

Posted on Tuesday 21/9/10 at 4:48PM by Richard

Venkat website re-design

We’ve just completed work on this website for the Venkatraman Memorial Trust – a small charity supporting the education of children in the fishing village of Kovalam near Chennai in the south of India. It looks like we did OK, if client Lindsay Swan’s comments are anything to go by: ‘We are delighted with our new website. We wanted a design that captured the vibrant colours and spirit of Kovalam  » Read more…

Posted on Monday 2/8/10 at 2:51PM by Richard

The reviews are in…

We continue to do a lot of design for charity and non-profit organisations, and a new addition to our portfolio of reports and policy papers is the Jubilee Debt Campaign’s annual review. See more samples of reports in the reports section of our portfolio. Another recent addition to the site is a new case study on our approach to designing for languages. We’ve looked at some of the issues relating  » Read more…

Posted on Monday 28/6/10 at 8:47AM by Amy

May Wingfinger in the news

We were surprised to find a completely unsolicited shout-out to our site in the Guardian last month as part of an article on creative industry in Leeds. Thank you, Guardian.

Posted on Tuesday 25/5/10 at 10:34AM by Amy

Bombs away

A guerilla gardening update – the birthday flower grenades have been deployed. Pictured above are the Seedboms being prepared in a little water (although apparently they don’t have to be wet beforehand) and also a shot of the target area.

Posted on Friday 9/4/10 at 11:22AM by Richard

Guerilla gardening

We had a birthday in the office this week and, as is Wingfinger custom, a special birthday card was created. The exciting birthday present accompanying the card was a nifty piece of guerilla gardening design from a company called Kabloom. The Seedbom is basically a (grenade-shaped) lump of clay, plant food and flower seeds, ready to be thrown into your garden, your neighbour’s terrible backyard, or the local wasteground-come-fly tipping  » Read more…

Posted on Monday 29/3/10 at 8:56AM by Amy

Cutting-edge finance

An innovative national campaign has been launched today calling for a tiny tax on banking transactions that would raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change. The Robin Hood Tax would only be a 0.05% levy on speculative financial transactions, amounting to 50p in every £1000 – this is almost unnoticeable in the context of the amounts that these guys are trading (currently untaxed) on a daily basis, and would  » Read more…

Posted on Wednesday 10/2/10 at 11:15AM by Amy

Carplus website is up and running

Relaunch of website Carplus, a national charity for promoting responsible car use. We’ve crafted a bespoke content management system powered by Wordpress that gives Carplus the flexibility and control they need to keep the site up to date and adaptable.

Posted on Tuesday 26/1/10 at 4:39PM by Richard

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